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Our goal is to propagate choice rock garden, hardy native and unusual dry land plants from around the world. We grow our plants in Pueblo, CO where winters are cold and dry with only occasional snow cover. Summers are hot and dry with cool nights due to our elevation of 4,795 feet. Our average annual precipitation is less than 12” and often it comes in large doses and ends up as runoff. We are Zone 5 but lately seem to be drifting toward Zone 6. Generally, if it doesn’t want to grow here, we don’t grow it.

Many of the plants offered in our catalog have low water requirements and can be included among those which thrive in xeriscapes or in scree conditions. Each plant comes labeled with its name, mature size (height [height in flower] x width) and culture requirements. Plants that are appearing in the catalog for the first time are designated NEW and those returning from previous years are designated RENEW. Some of the plants offered are in limited quantities, but it is our desire to make even a small number of plants available so that they can be observed and appreciated in gardens as soon as possible. Don’t forget to order early for best availability

You will find a number of plants in the catalog described as Plant Select® Introductions or Recommendations. Plant Select® is a cooperative effort between the Denver Botanic Gardens, Colorado State University and the Colorado Green Industries to identify and introduce into the market, plants that are particularly well suited for the Rocky Mountain and High Plains region. Sunscapes is an active participant in this program, and we highly recommend the plants that have been selected.

We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or problems with your order and we are always interested in how our plants perform for you. We can be reached by phone/fax at (719) 546-0047 and by e-mail at sunscapes@comcast.net. If you would like to purchase plants at the nursery or just come for a visit, please contact us and we will set up an appointment.

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